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Whilst our name suggests that we only deal with serviced offices in London, we actually provide access to all forms of flexible workspace including; hot desks, co-working spaces, private serviced offices, managed offices, hybrid flexible workspace and lab space.

We find office space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs, startups, small and medium enterprises (SME), large corporations as well as public sector organisations, across all locations in Greater London.

We have created a useful guide that may be of assistance if you are considering renting serviced offices.

How do I find serviced offices in London?

We work with all serviced office space providers and operators in London, we also work with all managed office space operators and co-working space providers.

Liaising with the whole flexible workspace market in all locations in Greater London, we are able to pair you up with the office space options that perfectly match all budgets and requirements.

To receive your free report, simply fill out the contact form, or telephone us, and we will send you a report with the latest pricing and availability.

We can also arrange viewings for you.

Our services are always FREE as we are paid a fee by landlords.

How much do serviced offices cost in London?

Serviced offices are priced relative to traditional square footage costs. The cost of a serviced office varies from location to location, is dependent on the quality of the property, the facilities provided by the property, and the specifics of a deal i.e. the amount of space taken, for how long, the services included, and so forth.

For the latest pricing information for space and the deal that is specific to your requirements, please get in touch via a contact form or by phone.

What are serviced offices?

Serviced offices are offices where certain items, services and occupational obligations usually associated with office space occupation are provided by the landlord/office provider.

Serviced offices are not technically rented so there is no lease to sign or any expensive legal costs. Instead, an agreement is signed. The occupier pays a monthly fee that covers the rent as well as the inclusive items, services and occupational obligations.

Because leases are not used, serviced offices offer a much greater level of flexibility than traditional leasehold office space allowing the occupier to upsize, downsize and vacate with ease.

What is included with serviced offices?

What is included in a serviced office does vary between different properties, office providers and specific deals. That said the majority of serviced office fees are inclusive of rent, service charge, property insurance, rates and taxes, repairing obligations including dilapidations at the end of occupation, utilities and cleaning.

Most serviced office agreements are inclusive of furniture, however, a tenant can often leave this option out if they have their own already. Tea and coffee making facilities are often included as well as shared kitchens.

There are often receptionist services available such as call answering and mail handling services.

Serviced offices often provide shared business equipment such as printers, copiers, scanners and postal equipment.

Some serviced offices will provide the options of car parking, bicycle storage, and shower facilities.

The majority of serviced office providers will provide the use of meeting rooms and conference facilities and there are sometimes additional fees associated with these.

There is a huge variety of serviced offices and serviced office companies in London, all providing a unique offering.

Get in touch with us and let us know what services you would like to have included in your office space and we will match you up with the perfect office space.

What are the differences between serviced offices, managed offices and co-working spaces in London?

There is quite some variety within the serviced office space market and there are other categories of flexible workspace that are similar to serviced offices, too.

Serviced offices can cater to occupiers requiring anything from 1 desk to 100+ and are increasingly used by larger occupiers including corporations and large public sector bodies. That said managed offices tend to cater to more of the larger occupiers.

Managed office spaces tend to be on larger floorplates, and so the space may only be occupied by one company in certain cases.

The services provided by the office provider tend to be more bespoke to the occupier, also.

Managed office providers may often be developers or landlords that own the whole building and so can create a space together with the tenant that is bespoke in terms of fit-out, and the items and services provided.

Managed office space is often described as the type of space that sits in between serviced offices and traditional leasehold office space.

There are similarities between serviced and managed office spaces such as the inclusive and flexible nature of the agreements, however, managed offices tend to be larger and have a higher level of customisation built in.

There is an increasing number of co-working space options in London across all areas of Central London and Greater London.

Co-working spaces provide deskspace to users in a facility where items and services such as utilities, cleaning, tea and coffee making facilities, business equipment and so on are shared by the community of co-workers.

Co-working spaces are often run on a membership basis, similar to a gym membership, payable either monthly or annually. With the membership, the member can then walk into the co-working space, find a free desk, plug-in and start work.

It is similar to working in a coffee shop or library yet with a business focus and equipment, and a community of like-minded users. Co-working space often provides faster and more secure Wi-Fi, also.

Co-working spaces can often be great places to network and meet potential clients, business partners, freelancers and collaborators.

Co-working space providers often put on events, meetups and classes for members of their communities that can range from anything from yoga classes to tech hacking events to start-up conferences.

How do I find out about networking events in London?

Meetups and networking events are often held in co-working spaces across London, so if you are member, you will often be the first to know of such events.

Other sources of information are networking organiser MeetUp, and LinkedIn.






Where can I find out business support in London?

Being such an important and commercial city, London has a vast infrastructure of business support for companies looking for startup office space as well as space for established and growing businesses.

Two sources of information for business support is the Institute of Directors and the London Chamber of Commerce.

London Business Support






How do I go about finding staff and freelancers in London?

London has a deep talent pool and a great number of skilled freelancers and potential employees. Two ways of exploring that talent are through Indeed and PeoplePerHour, and there are many other similar services, too.






Where can I get quick and reliable transport information for London?

Transport for London’s website provides comprehensive information regarding all forms of transport of London.

London Underground Tube Map:






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